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Woke up choking on vomit pregnant

Ladies, Thank you all sooo much I thought I was the only one who experienced that scary thing I pray for a better nights sleep tonight!!!!

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It is so nasty, burns, and you end up choking there coughing your friggin lungs up trying pregnant clear everything out for a good 10 minutes lol. And not to mention it is scary because you suddenly wake up thinking you are drowning.


Archived Vomit This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on May Babies. I think I just had the scariest moment this pregnancy!!!!

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About an hour ago I woke up literally choking on my comics teen xxx vomit. I must have breathed some of it in my lungs cause I couldn't catch my breathe and my lungs were so heavy I am wondering what caused it I woke felt CJ move yet Has anything like this happened to anyone else? Oh thank goodness I feel my lil bugger moving now