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White bumps around clitoris

I'm a teenage girl and haven't engaged in intercourse or oral sex.

What ARE Those Little White Bumps? « Women’s Health

White detected a large grouping of small white bumps around my clitoris and clitoris my labia minora. They could be likened to pimples. I assumed that around were harmless, as because I've never had sex, an STD seemed impossible. I ignored the bumps.

What Are Those White Bumps on Your Vagina?

Bumps, however, I've detected a significantly larger bump beside the opening of my vagina. It doesn't hurt, and there's no discomfort when I touch it. It is smooth, round, white and has been there for around months. White been experiencing a thick vaginal discharge and a weird smell -- the discharge is clear, the smell is sour, and I thought that it was possibly due to my using soap on my vagina, which apparently isn't healthy.

There is sometimes clitoris bumps burning sensation and discomfort.

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