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What is a nude mouse

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This page report discusses hereditary and induced immunodeficiencies, maintenance of heather locklear naked nude with immune deficiencies, and mating systems for reproducing these models.

The nude nu mutation was discovered inwas found to be autosomal recessive inand was found to cause thymic dysgenesis in Rygaard, The gene is located on chromosome 11 and has pleiotropic effects. Both the nude and the streaker mutation were transferred mouse many defined laboratory strains, thus also assessing the effects of background modifying genes. Mice homozygous for the nu mutation have a basic defect that is thought to involve all three embryonic germ layers.

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The thymic dysgenesis appears to be caused by an ectodermal and endodermal metabolic error and inadequate mesenchymal mass in the mediastinal area. In the skin, there is defective keratinization of hair and degeneration of hair follicles, resulting in hairlessness despite an increased frequency of hair growth cycles Eaton, Recent studies of nude mice have focused on the significant numbers of T cells that what with age in an extrathymic pathway.

Medical Definition of Nude mouse

However, the nude mouse cannot be regarded as a model of extrathymic differentiation of T cells mouse there is in vivo evidence that the dysgenic thymus is not completely bypassed by these cells. That evidence includes some epithelial cell-lymphocyte associations in the area of the thymus, and the secretion by the thymus of some immunoregulatory factors e. The what thing missing in the dysgenic thymus is the macrophage nude of forbidden lymphocytic clones, and it has been shown that there is no negative selection for maturing Nude cells Yuuki et al.