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Vintage scott turntables

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H.H. Scott turntables | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

Scott scott Discussion in ' Turntables ' started by Bill W. Can anybody tell me anything about the Scott brand of tt's?

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Seems I saw a link for Scott equipment in scott some time back, but can't turntables it now. Saw a very clean belt drive adult theatre directory Can't recall the model zhang ziyi nude turntables now in a local shop. I don't believe Scott made its own turntables other then the very cool early 60s table with the worm gear turntables. This isn't a slam against them -- not many audio companies did either.

Many japanese companies and by the time belt drives became common, Scott was a japanese company turntables were actually made by CEC, vintage is why the specs and the cosmetics are so similar.

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So probably the Scott you are looking at is no better and no worse than its contemporaries. So you should pay attention to its functionality and condition scott than its reputation if it has one.

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Does the speed run true, are vintage isolation feet or suspension in good shape, are the arm bearings tight with low friction, do any automatic functions work smoothly? Unless its a upper level model, which you might guess from weight and fit and finish, 50 bucks seems to me near the vintage end of price scale, but if it's a good new cartridge, and it's scott up properly, there is a lot turntables be said for local purchase -- no shipping costs or vintage, and no fibbing about condition.

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