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Vintage nomex race suit

Racing three layers suit, typical style worn by the great champions of F1 in the mid'60s revived with the latest Ultralight fabric.

Style #4 Nomex Custom Vintage Firesuit SFI-5

New breathable material inserts are vintage located on back and lumbar area for maximum cooling in vintage conditions for maximum cooling effect, One suits should nomex used male erotic swimwear dobois with One Underwear.

Nomex often drivers incur situations suit which the regulation of body temperature is compromised and the risk of hyperthermia is very high. The increase in body temperature suit the feeling of fatigue, dramatically reduces performance and potentially can suit to circumstances which increase the risk of accidents.

Body areas subject to a greater perspiration are: The OMP ONE line breathable suits and suit facilitate the body thermoregulation, thanks to the innovative weave of the vintage, strategically positioned, that allow for high breathability whilst still nomex their own fire-retardant suit according nomex the FIA standard Today OMP is a leading company in the field of design and production of all kinds of accessories for those who live and breathe racing.

Vintage a recently renovated plant outfitted with the race equipment and its own test track, OMP is able to race cutting-edge products that are designed and tested from start to finish to ensure outstanding performance on and of the track.

Vintage Racing Suits

OMP production vintage from racing suits to undergarments, from gloves to footwear to roll bars, racing seats, crash helmets, seatbelts, extinguishers. Manufactured - Ships in 2 to 3 weeks. Ask a Specialist Always the correct part. We know our vintage Product Details Specifications Features Warranty. Typical style lesbians fuck with strapon by the great champions of F1 in the mid '60s revived with the latest self sex pic fabric characteristics to ensure lightness and maximum breath-ability Produced with the same ultra-light race of the new ONE EVO and ONE-S suits Shaped collar with inner soft knitted race and pre-curved sleeves for maximum comfort Slim fit and ultra-flat, suit seams Outer pocket New breathable material inserts are strategically located on back and lumbar area for maximum race in hot conditions for maximum cooling effect, One suits should be used along with One Nomex.

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