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Vht fat bottom 4x12

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All user reviews for the Fryette Amplification Fat Bottom 4x12

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VHT 4x12 vs Diezel front-loaded 4x12 For those who have tried both cabs, which did you like better 4x12 why? Which is tighter, more focused, more immediate? I'd preferably like to hear from someone who vht tried v30s in both.

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The vht words above basically describe my understanding of front-loaded diezel cabs though. I tried a Diezel front-loaded cab a year ago and loved it, but the time span between trying each of them is too long to be able to remember which is better.

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That's why I'm hoping somebody who is more familiar with the both of them or who has at least tried both recently will chime in with their opinion.

I will probably be snagging a front loaded Diezel cab this bottom, so I'll hairy legged male that for ampfest in Austin, so if anyon is bringing a Bottom cab, we can do a direct comparison.

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