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Vaginal canal swollen shut

Periods, pregnancy, and intercourse can all cause swelling in the vaginal area, swollen the vaginal lips labia.

What Causes Vaginal Swelling and How Is It Treated?

Sometimes, swelling may be the result of another condition, disease, or disorder. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common causes of vaginal swelling and what you can do to ease your symptoms.

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Chemicals in everyday products like laundry detergent and bubble bath can irritate the sensitive skin canal the vagina, vulva, and labia. So can perfumed products and harsh toilet paper.

The inside of my vagina feels as if it is swollen, almost…

Stop using a product you think might be affecting your vagina. If the irritation clears, you should avoid the product to avoid future swelling and discomfort. But if the swelling remains, you may need to talk with your shut. They may prescribe a cream to help ease the swelling and other symptoms. Items you use directly in or around your vagina can also irritate the tissue and lead to vaginal, irritation, and swelling.