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Ucla cheerleaders usc song girls pantyhose

This is the definitive article on the USC Song Girls and hopefully will usc questions for many of cheerleaders.

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However, for the 3, or so fans who streamed into the Los Angeles Sports Arena that night, the date had another significance. It was ucla USC vs. Cal Berkeley basketball game and the debut of the University of Southern California song girls.

There was a nod or two to world news: The all-male USC yell-leading squad led the home crowd in a rousing cheer.

Finally, all eyes turned tidus yuna hentai the middle of the court as the song girls took the floor. But for these young women, not even a war could dampen the fear, the giddiness, the excitement of this moment.

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Song girls, it should be noted, are the young women with mile-long legs who prance around at sporting events, waving pompons and kicking in time to whatever the band is playing.

They are the ones pantyhose the TV close-ups at half time, the ones who occasionally get their pictures in Sports Illustrated. And at USC, song be a song girl is still—in post-feminism, post-sexual-revolution —to girls a star. The path to becoming a USC song girl is hard and long.