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Tornado twister sex move

Yes it it is real My girlfriend once instructed me to do this.

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So you start of doing slow circular movements around her clit with your peeing in maxi pads. Move you build sex up and get faster and harder until she cums.

My bonus move is to roll my tonge into a semi circle. She loves this becuase it gets both sides of her clit.

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How to perform the "tongue tornado"? Those who have seen "The American Pie: Book of Love" would certainly will never forget the legendary "Tongue Tornado", which makes her scream with pleasure. Does anybody know how to actually perform this?

How to perform the "tongue tornado"?

The name, twister they have made it for the movie, but still, there is a chance. How to make her scream with pleasure, using tongue?

You may make your opinions as "detailed" as possible. How to give head with a tongue ring? Women during oral sex how would you like the guy to tornado Girls, Girlfriend and I had sex for the first time how did I perform girls?