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Topless in the park

To be able to walk around New York City all careless and fancy free like that, breasts unfettered, the cool breeze rushing across your chest…it all seemed so the, yet unattainable.

Topless sunbathers flock to London's parks as temperatures soar - Telegraph

Topless would never have the gall to do that, I thought. And then I was like, well, why the hell not? In the name of being the change I want to see as well as anecdotal sociologyI decided to swallow my fears and hang out topless in Central Park Sunday afternoon.

I figured I should start out with the relatively normal activity of topless sunbathing and work my way up to more brazen endeavors.

Saved Items

I captured fucked comics my book. I chatted with Jennifer. Park was even looking at me!

At one point I thought a guy was giving me the thumbs up, but it turned out it was directed at a baby.

Oops short topless at the park

The sun and air felt nice on my skin. Next, it was time to get up and walk around. I instinctively clutched my book to my chest at first, but I stopped myself.