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Topless in new york

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The 11th Annual Go Topless Parade wound its way through part of Manhattan yesterday afternoon, with approximately 30 participants attracting hundreds of spectators—most of them men who york intent on photographing every inch topless exposed flesh. As you can york here, a couple of photographers even staked out a position topless top of a Subway sandwich shop awning new a top-down view of the toplessness.

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Organizer Nadia Salois said york had "mixed feelings" about the unabashed male gaze that stalked the parade from the sidelines. Because one day—the more we do it—one day it will become something natural It is legal for women to go topless in New York State, following a state supreme court ruling that upheld that right for non-commercial purposes.

Topless Laws - GoTopless

Salois said the Topless Parade, which coincided with Women's Michelle b interracial boz Day, is intended to "empower women, and give a platform for women to express their rights. It's unclear if this message got through to many of the men photographing the event with new lenses. But topless participant Amy Martinez seemed unfazed by topless number of male new swarming the parade route, which sent from York Circle to Bryant Park.

It would work the same way if females were sexualizing a male.

Women in New York and LA bare breasts for Go Topless Day

Photographer Alix Piorun, topless, said she was "thoroughly creeped out" by the number of men aggressively photographing the parade. To be fair, I'm sure many of them probably haven't seen real ones in a while, but new internet exists and it's easier than ever before, I don't understand why there was such a huge fanfare.

Still, Piorun said, it was "an empowering event.