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Topless beaches in fl

First Visit to a "nude" beach - Playalinda Beach

I live in Virginia and am having a hard time finding out this info. There are none in the area where it is legal. Basically none in the area. Closest one I have heard of is Playalinda sp? Beach on the East coast. Fort DeSoto topless a county park, and I'd be highly surprised to find that topless beaches is allowed there at any time of the year.

Top Nude Beaches in Florida

Pinellas County as a whole frowns on showing too much skin, and Ft. DeSoto is Pinellas County.

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I've also never once seen anyone topless at Fort DeSoto in 25 years of living here -- not to say it's never happened, but it's sure not widespread. I'd be really surprised if Sarasota allowed it either sunshine and I agree with you on Desoto.

And yes, it is patrolled!