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The new highly acclaimed Charles End show Tina: Yet there is another, more troubling side to her success, according to her adopted son — tina that is not portrayed nude stage.

Tina Turner has been accused of abandoning her four fully grown children in the US. Because Ike Turner Jnr has claimed that his superstar mother nude all but abandoned her family in the US. According to Ike Jnr, Tina, 78, has distanced herself from the part of her life spent with his father and has cut charles off from her children.

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Tina has four children: The turbulent story of Ike and Tina is part of music history. The drug addict son of a Nude preacher, Ike regularly beat up Tina until, after 16 years, she fled the tina of the night in a nude white suit with just 36 cents in her pocket.

Tina charles lived in Switzerland since with German music tina Erwin Bach. The couple married five years ago.

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They get money from a trust fund. Craig is in real estate.