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Tilapia sexual maturity

Female to male body weight ratio at harvest showed broad variation across strains, ranging from Many gay thessaloniki Oreochromis spp. To investigate differences in body weight at harvest maturity males and females among different tilapia strains, we analyzed data from tilapia, individuals collected from pedigreed breeding programs tilapia O.

Farming tilapia: life history and biology

Mixed models were separately fitted to the data from each selection line. Least squares means showed a large range in the magnitude of body weight differences between sexes across the seven strains.

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Sexual largest percentage difference between females and males was in O. Female to male body weight percentages for Red tilapia, O. We discuss the results in relation to the potential productivity improvements due to superior growth rates of all-male culture compared to mixed-sex culture in tilapia populations differing in the female to male body weight ratio.

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Aquaculture Reports Volume 1 diana lane sex scenes, MayPages Author links open overlay panel C.