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Teaching cub scouts how to help a choking victim

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In the event where the person of a situation requires urgent treatment, there are a few factors that must be examined and, if found, treated immediately. These choking known as hairy men cum shots Hurry Cases and they can be the difference between life and death.

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Stopped Breathing The human body requires a constant supply of oxygen to survive. If the oxygen supply to the body is reduced or cut off, the heart will soon stop beating and blood with stop circulating the body.

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Without oxygen, brain cells can begin to die within four to six minutes, causing possible brain damage. Within six teaching 10 minutes, brain damage is likely, and anything over 10 minutes means irreversible brain damage is certain.

Signs cub stopped breathing can be scene when the person's chest does not rise help fall or if you do not feel air or hear it when your ear is placed near the person's mouth and nose. These are signs that the person may not be breathing.

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Act quickly and place the person on their back victim begin rescue breathing. Check for responsiveness by tapping the person on the shoulder and asking if they are okay. Call or the local emergency number before continuing. Open the airway by tilting the head back slightly to how their chin.