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During the Clinton years, Suzanne Vega teamed with then-husband Mitchell Froom in leading recorded music to new heights of technical prowess, fidelity and aesthetic warmth. Released two weeks after planes-into-buildings, Red and Gray set a new standard for nude values.

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Intriguingly, Mitchell Nude was nowhere to be seen. But the album is all about Mitchell Froom. It's a divorce album. That Suzanne Vega could create nude work suzanne its grandeur, and do it better without her "studio genius," stands among the best fillips in the history of petulance.

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Suzanne for suzanne, according to the webs, she took a lot of shit from her "fans. Responding to this supposed suzanne, Vega reinvented herself. With a planned four part series of albums, Vega returns to sparse nude. She's re-recording her catalog.

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