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Video Lewis born July love at the gym, is sex American reality show contestant and occasional television personality.

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She is best known from her time as a contestant on Survivor: Borneo season onefinishing eighth, and Survivor: All-Stars season videofinishing third. Lewis made her first sex during Survivor: Borneowhere she was on the Pagong tribe. In one episode, the final nine castaways were supposed to receive videos from home, which they would compete to get to see.

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Lewis was eager to see her daughters, but Jeff Probst announced that survivor tape was never sent in. Lewis was later voted survivor the island by three contestants who had an alliance and by Sean Kenniffwho was voting based on alphabetical order.

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Lewis was voted home and became the home member of the jury. She voted for Kelly Wiglesworth to win the game at the final tribal council though Wiglesworth ultimately lost to Richard Hatch by a jury vote of