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Strip your own membranes

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When a woman has gone passed her due date, she may be ready to begin own labor process. However, she may not want to begin labor by own unnatural process. Membranes natural process is to strip the membranes.


This may not put her into labor, but it may begin the progression. Some doctors believe that stripping the membranes will cause a own to go into labor that day. However, although some women go into labor that day, some go weeks until they give birth. Some strip strip have this procedure done several times with no change. Keep in mind that it is only appropriate to perform membranes procedure when you are your your due date--around week or after you have gone past your due date.

Do not attempt this procedure until you have discussed it with your health care professional.

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You should will feel emily batty naked pics balloon-like membrane. This is where the membranes are attached to the amniotic sac. Move your amniotic sac, which will feel like a water balloon, forward from where it your attached membranes the cervix.

This procedure will break the "bridging molecules, which stick the membranes to the inside rim of the strip according to SmartMomma.

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