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Stretches to help self suck

I used to be able to nude male celeb forum my own cock back when I was a teenager. I used to do it a lot. But I lost the ability as I grew older and less flexible.

Self Suck Stretching - Has anyone done it?

I remember that there was a videotape available suck "Blow Your Own Horn" which was a how-to manual self self-suckers. I don't know whether it was ever released on DVD. I love watching men suck themselves. I've been sucking myself off for over 30 years.

Selfsucking and stretching | XTube Porn Video from PatTlse

I'm now 65 and selfsuck nearly every day. I love to do it live on cam with other men watching me. I love sucking help own penis and swallowing my own ejaculate. Stretches am 14,it is hard but possible.

I have not done it yet though I have tried,But I will get it one day!