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Spanked in short trousers

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Groups Stories Questions People. Not only do my parents make me granny sucking young cock short trousers but they spank me too. Does any other boy get spanked at 18??

short trousers

If so Id love to hear from you. Receive notifications on replies.

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I have, but there are rules of spanked just like everywhere else. My parents are very nice, I love them, they love me, and they raised me to their best possibilities. They don't see me as a small kid, but they think a decent spanking is a good way to make it clear I have trousers something wrong.

It doesn't happen often, luckily.

Put back into short trousers, aged 18

What country do you come from? Can I runaway to your place?

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My parents are away at the short and I am staying with a family friend and he lets me stay on the computer but I have to be in my pyjamas.