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Spanked by my uncle

My name is Gabby and I'm sixteen years old.

Spanked by my uncle. Who enjoyed it most?

I live with my dad, my uncle, and my little brother. I get into trouble a lot and it usually results in me getting an over the knee spanking. Believe it or not I still get spanked at sixteen.

A normal teenage girl would uncle be embarrassed by that but to tell you the truth, I'd rather get a spanking than be grounded.

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Both my dad and uncle spank me. My uncle is stronger and a little bigger than my dad and it hurts really bad getting spanked by him and it can be awkward at times, but in all honesty I'd rather take a spanking from uncle Daryl than daddy, and the reason for that is because my dad usually spanked my bottom when he spanks me.

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Also, uncle Daryl just uses his hand, my dad will sometimes use an implement like a paddle or a rubber spatula. So I came home one day after hanging uncle with some friends and my daddy flipped when he saw my outfit.

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I didn't spanked it was that bad, I was wearing a mini skirt with a belly shirt and converses. He asked me if I 18 nude teen videos in that all day and I told him yes.

He gave me a look of dissatisfaction and I knew what was coming next.