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Spanked by my brother wattpad

Hayes Grier has lived with his parents his whole life, when Nash goes away for some thing called magcon.

The 5 Protective Brothers (Spanking Story) (Completed)

When his parents pass away from a car crash how will hayes adjusted to the new rules his brother brother him? I can drive now! I'm so excited to see what the guys got me today! I got out of bed and made spanked way downstairs and once I was down it was dead silent.

I went over to watch tv and all of the sudden I everyone jumped out scaring wattpad half to death. Y'all almost gave me a heart attack! Cameron stepped forward laughing,"Sorry kiddo" he said ruffling my already messy hair.

Tom Parker is my brother? Yea right! (The Wanted Spanking fanfic)

A few minutes later my Sky and Tez showed up. I hugged them and we started having a blast at the surprise party the boys threw me, soon it was time for presents and we all went to the living room and I sat on the couch. First Jacob, he gave me a new pair of jeans and a nice shirt.