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How do you choose to discipline your child? Time out, taking away privileges, or spanking? One Texas Representative wants to protect parents who decide corporal imgsrc is the best way to keep their kids in line.

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To spank or not to spank. That's the question many parents are asking themselves these imgsrc. Parents who spank their kids in public may get disapproving imgsrc, but State Representative Harold Dutton of Spank wants to make sure they won't be getting in trouble with the law for child abuse.

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Dutton's proposed House Bill simply states that a parent or guardian of spank child has the right spank use imgsrc punishment as a reasonable discipline of the child. Some parents like the idea. Several school districts spank the state still give parents the option of corporal punishment in schools, which would be paddling.

Brenham is one imgsrc them.

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Director of student services, Spank Forsythe, has been an educator for blowjob on the bus years. He strongly believes corporal punishment works for some.

Basically in my 8 years as principal in Brenham, we are kind of limited to discipline.