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Soprano descant recorder finger chart

Download a alto recorder Baroque-style fingering chart.

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When you click the notes on the musical score, the fingering will be displayed. Where there are fingering alternatives, click the "alternate fingering" button alexis love big cock to switch the display.


Download a Soprano recorder fingering chart Baroque-style fingering chart. Download a Soprano recorder fingering chart German-style fingering chart. Although the great bass produces sound one octave lower than that of chart tenor recorder, the fingering is essentially the same for both instruments.

In other words, the sound is two octaves lower than that of a soprano recorder. There are times when the soprano recorder's lowest C is sounded an octave too high, even when the hole on the underside is completely covered.

Interactive Fingering Chart for Recorders in C

Where this occurs, providing there is no problem with the instrument, there are probably two possible causes. Finger to Play the Recorder Recorder fingering. Fingering diagram for the alto recorder Recorder. Soprano descant fingering chart Baroque-style.