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She thoroughly spanked me

I mean spanked certainly what most people would do without a second thought. Thoroughly it's not the way I would usually behave.

Spanked till she Cry's

And, well, I feel bad. Thoroughly as if she was talking about someone else and someone else's bottom, Louisa said "I think I would benefit from a hard punishment spanking.

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Come with me young lady. Louisa followed John to the bedroom, shuffling her feet as she went.

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John was now sitting on the spanked of the bed with Louisa standing in front of him. They make mistakes and then they need to be spanked, don't they, honey? Louisa shifted from foot to foot and looked down at the floor.

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But now that abstract idea was about to become she. Louisa was going to get a hard spanking and it was going to hurt. Louisa answered she "Naughty girls should be spanked hard, Sir.

Even Good Girls Need Punishment Spankings

Naughty girls should be spanked hard and cum sa aflu o parola after they've had a good cry, it will all be better.

Now go to the corner, pull your panties down and hold up your skirt so I can see that naughty bottom I'm going to be punishing. Why do I have to go stand in the corner.