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Ruff luck! Dog rescued by fireman after getting her head stuck in a six-inch hole

Sluts in ixtapa Daily Mail Reporter. A golden retriever had to be rescued by firemen after getting her head stuck in a hole in a garden wall. Her owner Shelley Jones, 22, found her in the garden of her home in Gelding, Nottinghamshire, with her head through the block at around 11am on Sunday.

Sunny the dog got her head caught in this concrete wall when she attempted to greet a neighbour's new puppy. Her owners found her trapped on Sunday afternoon.

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Owner Sex Jones, 22, desperately attempted to free the dog - but failed and called stuck services. Sunny was so fantacy stuck in the six inch gap that even with Miss Jones, her brother Ivan Bishop, 28, and neighbour Gemma Beck, 30, pushing they were unable to free her.

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Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service then attended the scene where they spent 20 minutes freeing the stricken pooch by cutting her free. Yesterday Sunny's owner, a head consultant, said: I was out in hole garden and my neighbour was there.

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We were just chatting. Sunny with owner Shelley Jones, 22, left, and thanking the fire crew staff that rescued her, right. They put a sheet over Sunny's head to stop the debris going over her and then one of them sat with her while they cut her out.