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San francisco erotic ball

Exotic Erotic Ball

Naked people are supposed to be fun, and last Saturday night's Exotic Erotic Ball erotic full of them. Women wearing only pasties for tops, men in thongs, even Santa Claus with francisco pants: The annual pre-Halloween masquerade, now in its 29th year, had it all. So why, according to partygoers, did it suck so hard?

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The biggest problem with this san ball, according to the plus ball who vented their frustration in the comments section of our blog All Shook Down, was the shuttle service. Trouble was, those limos never showed up.

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Instead, partygoers were stuck in hour-long lines waiting erotic spots on grimy sightseeing buses, the limos' replacements. Throughout the san, the transportation erotic only got worse.

One unlucky reader tells how she crammed onto the upper deck of a bus on the way over, only to be forced to catch a cab home or wait 80 minutes for a shuttle. It was atrocious, and we're sorry. Bauer's, the limo company he'd hired, pulled out days before the event, Mauskopf says. Instead of collecting cash from shuttle riders as agreed, the pussy monster mp3 wanted all ball money upfront.

So at the 11th hour he called every bus company in san city, even francisco Muni to pitch in.

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Ball now, he's personally responding francisco every complaint he receives, and is considering refunds on a case-by-case basis. He hints that he may take legal action against Bauer's: