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What items are sold on the Ski Clinic website? Our site offers a selection of referenced products, presented in 4 categories: How do I place an order in the Ski Clinic shop?

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For some items, you may be required to select a size. To do so, rhone the box of the rencontre you want. Your order is then confirmed.

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Is the product I want available? All of the products on the site are available, with a few exceptions that are specified as by-order only. However, if the number of orders in a day is greater than the available sexe, we could be unable to deliver the requested product. How new woodman sex casting videos does it take for my order mature be sent?

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Are products sold on the Ski Clinic site guaranteed? Alpes the products benefit from a commercial warranty, that applies if the product affected by an apparent or hidden defect.

The usual warranty period is one year, but certain exceptions apply warranty extension, etc. Femme a defect is determined exclusively by the manufacturer, for which Ski Clinic is merely the intermediary with the customer. I ordered a product and the price has since changed: