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Quarter cup bras for larger breasts

What is a quarter cup bra?

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Follow us on Twitter. It works well on firm breasts in smaller size ranges. I see breasts really wrong with the bra.

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That is the way a quarter cup is supposed to fit - breasts fully exposed. It is mainly sexy lingerie, but if your breasts are suited to it, you can wear it as quarter everyday larger under regular clothing.


If it had a regular halter neck, someone like the model could wear it as a sexy bra under clothes But bras the swathes for fabric in front and the big bow at the neck in back, it would show and be bulky under clothes even if the bra fits well. As a boudoir set, on the right woman, it's very pretty but that's what it is!

I blame photoshop and putting the model in the wrong size plus some shenanigans to make sure the nipples larger show.