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Plaster of paris latex molds

Plaster of Paris Moulds

We recommend the use of Casting Plaster as opposed to the other commonly available plasters such paris Plaster of Paris as sold by hardware stores, Pottery Plaster as sold by ceramic studios and Dental Plaster. Plaster of Paris is more of paris builders utility video yoga facial gratuite, Pottery Pinterest latex patent leather shoes outfits is made to absorb the water in ceramic slip and molds Dental Plaster could be used it is unnecessarily expensive.

We carry stocks of Casting Plaster plaster our factory at all times in the large 20kg size as well as re-packed smaller sizes and these can be found on our web store under the name "Moulding Plaster". Click here for more information.

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Casting Plaster is designed to dry with a hard exterior surface to prevent chipping and to make it easier to decorate. We have a detailed instruction sheet available on our website on how to mix and pour plaster moulds with Casting plaster.

Casting simple moulds with plaster of Paris.

Click here to read this instruction sheet. There are times when a heavier duty plaster is needed such as when casting objects which latex handled often such as Chess Pieces. It is advisable to use one of the harder plasters or as they are correctly known gypsum cement.

We stock several types of heavy duty plaster such as HydroCal and Hydrostone.

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