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Nelson Stewart will race at the Bartholomew County 4-H Fairgrounds Tuesday night pictures the first time in more than a decade.

Family Affair / Father, son to highlight three-quarter midget race

That honor will be reserved for his son Tony. This time, he will be joined by his father for the Tony Stewart Foundation event.

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Mike Wolanin Midgets Republic Click here to purchase photos from this gallery. While Tony Stewart, 47, has been busy with his Stewart-Haas Racing team, umra in dirt-track races and administering his other business interests, Nelson is keeping pretty occupied belize nude woman. Two years ago, Nelson ran 48 races in 10 states two years ago, mostly on the Legends racing circuit.

Nelson Stewart estimates he did about 25 races last year.

When I had a family, you had to support the family. Now, I have no responsibilities and work part-time for Tony. Tony started 12th and finished third, while Nelson started 18th and finished 14th.

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He took about four or five weeks off and was then back behind the wheel. My reflexes are still good. Tony Stewart, who is tied for 29th with 31 points from his one series event, will be driving his new car that was built by friends Jason Setser and Ron Combs.

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Fair board racing director Troy Foist said Tony Stewart also plans to help prepare the track during the day on Tuesday.