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Php adult script website

Hi there, I have a php related to this topic, i dont know if I should website a new thread or how to make a new thread. I am making an adult website and I just need a disclaimer and 2 buttons one that verifies age or one that redirects them out of the site.

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PHP is a very poor language script for this, if i were you i'd read up on libcgi and just do the whole thing in Haskell. It's difficult to stop under 18s from entering a site. Once link is pressed, set a session variable to allow pages to be seen.

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On logout, session php destroyed. If session is not present on any page, header redirect to the splash page. I was playing with something similar here I have a session implementation on http: It doesn't have the referer implementation, but website I say, it's not foolproof.

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Edited 6 Years Ago by diafol: I want to redirect my users to my mobile site. My mobile site is in a subfolder instead adult a subdomain. Here is how I want adult to work My entire script is nude black female celebs in php this is what i found so far: This topic has been dead for over six months.

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