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People caught on camera doing embarrassing things

These moments can include: From camera wetting themselves to drunken mistakes, people have compiled a list of some of the funniest embarrassing moments caught on camera.

Google Streetview: What's the most embarrassing thing Google could catch you doing?

When in sports, the last thing caught athlete is thinking about in most cases is how their outfit is holding up. For Norwegian middle-distance runner Henrik Ingebrigsten, this was definitely the case when his pants begin to split during a race at the London Olympics. As he was doing to cross the finish line, the tear began around his crotch region and his buddies downstairs began to pop out of his shorts.

Despite the malfunction, Henrik finished in fifth and then probably went and changed his pants. You can see the look of shock and grimaces on her team mates below as they try to decide whether morrigan aensland hentai video catch her, or run away.

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There seems to be mixed responses. Everybody is allowed to wear whatever they want, but this guy took it a bit too far.

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For this poor girl, her baby elephant friend decided to move things a bit too far and went in for a grab. Everyone is familiar with the royal guards at Buckingham Palace dressed in red coats and donning embarrassing big fluffy hat. That is apart from this guy who took a tumble. Unfortunately for him things, someone snagged this shot.