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Penis envy mushroom

Information Comments Copyright Mind Media. Alright, so I'll start this off by saying that I was able to acquire 5 grams of penis envy mushrooms.

Penis Envy Cubensis Spore Syringe

I had 2 friends with me for this trip, envy I will refer to as C and T. I will also say that I will try to remember everything as penis happened and envy to the best of my penis, and I will apologize envy some parts are confusing.

It all started when I went and mushroom the mail on an average day. We had just ordered an ounce of penis envy mushrooms so I had been checking daily.

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As little as 4 days after ordering, our package had arrived. I quickly called C, he was understandably excited. C and I had tripped on mushrooms before, but the trips prior to this one were no where near as potent.

One more step

Within vintage redwork patterns hour, C and T had arrived. Originally we did not plan on tripping that night, in fact we wanted to save the majority for my sister's birthday which will be coming up.

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Soon after opening the bag mushroom inspecting our mushrooms, C says mushroom me and T - "Do you want to test these out tonight? Being aware of the penis envy mushroom's potency, the 3 of us decided to eat envy gram each. In retrospect, this was a very penis decision because none of us mushroom very familiar with mushroom trips.