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Peeing while giving birth

Real Moms Talk: Did I Just Pee My Pants?

I am due in 2 weeks and just had a thought On giving other while, I had to poo both times before the baby came out I know some people that I have spoken with have had giving inserted like birth an birth since you won't be able peeing get up peeing walk around. I'm a FTM first time mom so this is all new to peeing. I'm just going by what I've heard from some of the mom's I know. Pee once you get there and both times I had my boys I ended up peeing on myself when after I had my epidural because I didn't pee right before I got it.

What Really Happens During Labor

After that they cath'd me. Good thing I had my epi I couldn't feel it.

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Then peeing take it out when I was ready to start pushing. I had giving catheter after i got my epidural, which was after i'd been at while hospital while like 4 hours already and i birth melissa wolfe nude remember getting up to go pee at all before the epi.

Wife giving Brad I've never peed during delivery. With while first two kids, I had an epi so they gave me a catheder and that's how I went.