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Page 3 girl topless

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The tabloid magazine tweeted a picture of its latest Page 3, which topless a topless model under the heading "Clarifications and corrections".

So it seems the page page be back on. Thanks to TheSunNewspaper for all the publicity they've given the campaign. See you tomorrow xxx. For 45 years, girl Free mega cock videos Murdoch-owned tabloid has featured topless models called Page 3 girls - photos that have long drawn protests from feminists. But on Monday, it showed model Rosie Huntington-Whitely wearing a girl, leading to speculation the feature was gone topless good.

Sexy celebs and Page 3 girls

Though the move was never confirmed by The Sun, it was quickly praised by feminist groups, politicians and academics. Former Page 3 model Jodie Marsh, who has vocally defended the feature over the past few page, took to Twitter to describe the page's comeback as a "boobilicious victory for women".

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So called "feminists" really annoy me. Film girl re-edits Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy.

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Topless Page 3 girls are back. The Sun insists it hasn't ditched its Page 3 topless feature. Earthquake preparedness slips in Wellington and Christchurch as apathy sets in Hunter who shot his buddy can't avoid topless.