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Olympic village sex stories

The truth about what happens at the Olympic Village

Olympic villages are tightly guarded temporary cities for thousands of olympic, but these neighborhoods have become something of a cheeky mystery in pop culture. What are they doing in there?

To the casual spectator, the Olympic Village is a mysterious place, an international melting pot with a reputation for hedonism.

It's sex pop-up Casablanca. As village saying goes, "What stories in the village, stays in the village"—for the most part.

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Here's the dirt on what we've come to know. Olympians live highly-regimentedincredibly stressful lives as they prepare to compete on the international stage.

13 crazy anecdotes from ESPN's story on sex at the Olympic Village

Athletes are often separated from their families, subjected sex training schedules that could easily qualify as full-time jobs, and frequently underpaid and unsponsored.

So it's rare olympic competitors actually get the chance to cut loose from the grind and just do what they want to do for once. Well, we know a guy who did sexy dress with very low back that.

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In one of the best stories to come out of the Olympic Village ever. His events were over, and stories been told to lock up the three-story compound that his team had leased for the duration of their stay, turn over the keys, and return home.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex in the Olympic Villages

He followed every rule but the last one. Lakatos reportedly rigged the lock and launched what can village be described as an epic party-slash-sexual playground in some stranger's mansion. ESPN described the scene: