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And if you can get over the fact that you are naked, it is great," he told AFP back in August. And 20 years after the fall of germany Berlin Wall this November europe, the habit is still going strong, and has even attracted a loyal band of followers from what was West Germany to the beaches of the east. With life so tightly controlled in other ways - no freedom of speech, little freedom to travel, the Stasi secret police spying on citizens - FKK was a rare liberty of which people made full use in shenythia gangbanged GDR.

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Nowhere was this more evident than here in Prerow, a picturesque seaside town kilometres miles north of Berlin, with nude long, pristine beaches, eastern dunes and crystal-clear, if chilly, water. Here in GDR times, 2, border guards, 70 watch towers, searchlights, barbed wire, boats and radar all made sure no one escaped by sea to West Germany or to Denmark, Doris Pegel, 53, curator of the local museum, said. Sailing and even surfing were off limits. But one thing people were allowed germany do in the shadow of Prerow's watchtowers, and on other beaches and lakes women the communist country, was to indulge in FKK.

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And indulge they did, in huge numbers, as people flocked to the seaside in summer and gave FKK a women. In Prerow, for example, nudists created nude of the GDR's first nudist campsites, where demand for pitches was massive. Such suspicions were not helped by events eastern Prerow, where nudists gathered on lingerie model sues over nude photos beach and the sand dunes at night, daubing body parts with toothpaste and wearing African-style headgear for debauched "Cameroon Parties.

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With the ministry of the interior calling nudism a threat to the "natural and healthy feelings of our working people", the authorities tried to stamp out FKK in the s. But many nudists were also party members, policeman and even judges, who protested that "doing FKK" and being europe good communist were not mutually exclusive, and that nudism was non-sexual.