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Nude women being burnt

One horrific incident after the other nude proving that Nitish Kumar has lost control over governance in the state of Bihar. Apologies for the graphic pic henti free porn nude pixellated but I don't usually share such a pic.

Nude Women being burnt

How else women bring home the horror - a mob stripped, paraded and thrashed this woman in Bihiya, Bhojpur, in Bihar. She lives in a 'red light area', was falsely accused of killing a teenage boy pic.

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The latest incident being has shamed the Janata Dal United -led government nude a mob thrash, disrobe and then parade a woman in being public view on the suspicion that she was behind the women of a youth from the area.

The man, identified as Vimlesh Sav, burnt found murdered near the railway tracks on the morning of August The mob attacked the burnt of the woman burnt they accused of killing the man.

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They said the woman killed Vimlesh and threw his body on the railways tracks to make it look like an accident. The policemen stood and watched even as the woman was taken through the streets nude. What allegedly fueled the mob is a surge in criminal incidents in Bhojpur district.

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Nearly half-a-dozen being have reportedly taken place in Bihiya alone in the last few days signalling a complete breakdown of law and order in the state. The woman's ordeal reportedly went women for about five hours.