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Vajazzling takes her style cue from Britney Spears and co in a nude vajazzle suit. But who pics dem gems best? Jennifer Lopez vajazzling have topped Forbes Most Influential Celebrity Listnude the singer isn't about to rest on her laurels quite yet.

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Though technically Amy copied Katie Nude, who copied Britney Spears, pics copied any other celebrity who has ever slung on a sheer bodysuit, stuck on some strategically placed gems - and bagged themselves some guaranteed publicity in the process What do you make of the Body Vajazzle Bazzle? Is it to your taste?

Relevance Vajazzle Pics

Oh, and which star pulls off the starkers yet sparkly look best? Amy Childs launched her own line of Hair Vajazzle kits at a special photoshoot back in May. She wore the above to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Ah those were the days