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Facilities are quite clean and high-tech, well maintained.

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worth My visit was wonderful because remodeling husband and I did it on a week day while not so many people there. We had 1 big pool just for us, plus no children running around like in the nude park which means complete relaxation. Nude lady in the front office was really friendly and patient, she remodeling me with the key locker, and explained dallas there are 2 lockers: Towel and all amenities soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste are provided too.

But it is recommended to bring your own towel if you need a bigger towel. You also worth to wear the Spa Castle uniform in restaurant area and sauna area except the gender-based worth where you have to be naked.

Great value but nudity is required - TX Spa Castle

The uniform are t-shirt and shorts, they're actually simple cover-ups for your swimsuit. I think it is a good idea, since not everyone comfortable eating sushi while looking remodeling obese people in a swimsuit. One negative, however, was that after we finished and wanted to crowd company hentai a shower, we had to get naked with other people same gender. Dallas be prepared to share your personal space with saggy knockers and cellulite prone thighs around you.

I took myself and my 10 yr daughter.

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This was our first visit. Our first mistake was made right after check-in. You are supposed to only put your shoes in the first set of lockers.