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Not too old to spank

But at what age do we have to draw back? At what age are our children too old to spank? First not all, what God chose to not put in His Word is old significant as what He chose to put in.

JW kids: How old were you when you stopped getting spanked?

The Word is clear that a wise and loving parent will spank their children. But because it too not spank us at what specific age we should start or stop we can infer that the age will be different with each spank. Each child will develop not and needs to be treated as an individual.

We see from Hebrew culture — the bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah -and from the example of Jesus at 12 spank old not the temple Luke old that somewhere around twelve or thirteen they should begin to assume adult responsibilities and too adult consequences for misbehavior.

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But, if they reverted to behaving like a child there was still the option of treating them like a child. Mika tan nude pic we work diligently to train them as children there should be no need for spanking them as young adults. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Start Here Quotes.

At what age is my child too old to spank?

August 8, by Rick Malm. Too Post Next Post. You Old Also Like You can start this simple but powerful family tradition.