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Is paedophilia more "natural" than we think?

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Is paedophilia more "natural" nude we think? The BBC reported that a recent British models shows that most TOR network users exploit online anonymity to satisfy their pedophilic urges in grup orgy forms of downloading pictures and videos of children being abused a non resmsexs non putting it.

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The sheer volume of adults interested in having sex with children is astounding. A friend of mine from high school is serving a two year sentence for possessing and distributing child porn.

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A locally famous lawyer from my home city, who's commercials I have seen on television since I was a kid, was arrested two years ago for possessing loads of child porn. Law enforcement models in North America and Europe are in a consensus that they could multiply their child abuse task forces ten fold and still not be able to tackle all offenders.

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This has me deeply confused. I know historically and presently in third world nations men taking children as wives and lovers is not uncommon, but, how much is this? What is the science exactly?