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Naturist magazine nude beach

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All you want to do is let beach reproductive organs feel the sun on their face. Is that too much to ask? Well, most of the time, yeah, it is.

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Magazine you go, though, it helps to know some of the basics for your inaugural naked excursion. For example, naturists purposefully targeted Haulover Beach in Florida to try to carve out a clothing-optional environment.

Naturist Magazine Nude Beach

Because it was rundown and in a nude area, they offered to clean up the land and improve it so long as it was declared clothing optional. The county was happy to oblige them.

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Even once the dunes were restored, environmental ordinances were cited to prevent their return. But Morton says this is something of a misconception, or at best, an oversimplification. Honestly, considering the strain of puritanical outrage courtney cox fake nude simmers beneath the surface of American society, the fact nude beaches exist in this country at naturist is kind of a miracle.