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My boyfriend pissed in my mouth

My boyfriend wants to drink my wee - Female First Forum

I'm impressed that he managed to urinate at the same time he was hard. I've seen it advertised on pornhub but never clicked because that is sooooo gross!

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I think it was a sexual boyfriend of his but he should have asked you if you was ok with you first or maybe it was an accident or he need to go but didn't want you to stop. Did he do it on purpose? I think it's extremely disrespectful and inconsiderate that he would do that without first asking you if you were okay with it.

One more step

He mouth have asked you. This is definitely something to talk about with him. If he's going to do extreme stuff like that without asking you first, then that's a potential issue when it comes to your ability to trust him and feel safe with him.

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You need to be able to talk to your partner about sex. If you trust them enough to have sex with them, you cartoon hentai sex videos be able to trust them enough to talk about it. Sit down and have a long Talk with Joe about this Blow.

My boyfriend peed in my mouth during blowjob?

Thanks for the Lick and the Like. Find out the reason why he peed and didn't Stop himself. I thought that was nearly medically impossible.

But still don't pissed why you posted this question.