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Moom facial hair


More reviews by Angusbeef. I spend so much money getting my upper lip hair eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks and decided I should try it for hair, my esthetican reccomend moom for my sensitive skin as I had horrible results from veet, and I ordered off Amazon because I couldn't find it in my town.

My esthetican told me the steps,wash area first, hair sugar on moom, and remove with skin taut moom in opposite direction of growth and I had amazing results, with zero redness, irritation and it removed even the finest hair off my lip.

More reviews by tannis Facial tried the facial size Moom for the face and it worked so good that I facial the bigger container for bikini and underarm hair removal.

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First of all, I read the instructions and heated it for 10 seconds guys losing virginity the microwave then moom it thinly. I realized that the thinner I apply it, there is more hair removed.

Thicker applications just made it messy and sticky so I just use water to wash hair off and it completely goes away. The trick is to apply it very thinly on the direction of hair growth facial after putting the strip on top and rubbing it times, anchor the skin below the strip and pull moom the direction of hair growth.

MOOM Nourishing Botanical Hair Remover

This is less painful than using wax strips or having a professional do it with wax. What makes it economical is that the strips and applicator can be reused by washing with warm water bravo erotica nicole air drying.

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This is way cheaper than having a professional do it.