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Mo Chada Born Debut Nationality Thailand Ethnicity Thai Mo Chada is a young Thai woman blessed with some striking female features, those chada features primarily being 2 big fat titties which she's been nice enough to nude with us in hundreds of delightful photographs on Thai Cuties, The Black Alley and the An4u family of sites. I suppose I chada say she is blessed as her tits are thumbs of nude plastic variety.

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I think if I were to rewrite this I would probably say she 'has blessed us with some striking female features' but I tight pussy teen don't get paid enough to go back and redo things.

Anyways, according to her biography within TBA she likes knitting, long bubble baths and anal sex but it doesn't state which order of preference that is in.

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If I were her I'd probably do the knitting first and anal sex after, Chada imagine its uncomfortable thumbs sit and knit after taking it in the ass.

Probably save the bubble bath for after to get scrubbed up after an anal session. Actually, maybe the bubble bath first to relax the sphincter muscles, knit while I was in the tub then the ass sex, then another bath after. Yea, I bet that's what she does on a date.

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Apologies folks, with the recession our budget is tight, we'll chada hiring from Craigslist and get some real writers on board when the economy picks up again. Natt ChanapaNatalie Thumbs. Yes, 4 hardcore picture nude at Thai Cuties with her fucking a dude with no condom. As Mo Chada at Thai Thumbs This site is where Mo Chada picked up this nude name and may be best known from.