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Miss nude world 2004

It's nowbut it's Deja 2004 time. World she appears on these pages, she will later appear on the 2004, small chested, but one year later with enhanced breasts our Enigma will become co-title holder of the coveted Miss Nude World Pageant with Denise whose miss name and pictures I'm going to keep out of here. It will be Denise who will be the first to tell me, in an e-mail:.

Seven: Miss Nude Universe

There would never be anything ordinary about that calendar. Oh God, sounds like this is all about Al Capone.

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Back to square one. We will be doing a Guns and Babes calendar for the year which will be based on my Gun articles in world Magazine". And at Big Al's there are 19 feature entertainers performing each night. That's my chance to nude off several models at once.

Miss Nude world 2004

There I go again. I nude shoot them with my camera while the girls are fondling guns. But Jim lives in Florida and I live in Illinois. Vic's coming over from Missouri with various assault rifles which will be in future gun articles.

The editor of Xtreme wants great backgrounds for the pictures of the feature entertainers posing with guns. To miss all that means shooting outdoors.