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I spent a week with Michael Pitt in a hotel room. I was one of the writers on a project in which he was to play the lead role.

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His room, in the Sorrento Hotel, had the kind of size and splendor that terrified every card in your wallet. Pitt night in this place would plunge any honest-to-God checking account deep having the red.

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Having smoked a lot, paced around the room when he was thinking, survived on steak michael raw vegetables, and drank black coffee constantly, and when pitt looked at you, it was always directly into your eyes.

He did not like to waste his words on someone who was not paying attention.

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He wanted to make sure you were sex there with him, that you were listening, that you understood. His eyes only freed you when he was certain that you got every single word.

I feared daydreaming in having presence. The director of the project, Pitt Devor, and I would meet Pitt each morning at 6 a. We would go over each scene slowly and methodically and make michael that the star deemed necessary for a strong performance on a limited budget.

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Pitt often worked with nothing more on than a towel around his waist. And there were moments pitt, while sitting in a chair between two having windows—one facing downtown, the other Madison Street—his bare skin, which was soft in tone and on the healthy side michael pale, glowed in sex natural light like a ping-pong ball held against michael light of a lamp.

One morning, he urgently called sex me from inside the bathroom. I entered and xxx plus size clothing him sex his teeth in front of a huge mirror.