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When I had to cast Mary, the part of Laura, I was at my wits-end. I had auditioned literally 23 or 27 girls and I told Sheldon Leonard, our executive producer, 'I don't know what I'm looking for.

Reiner, 94, said executive producer Danny Thomas suggested he call Moore, who had auditioned for him in the past.

Five ways ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ revolutionized women on television

At first, Moore had been "reluctant" to audition for "The Dick Explicit Dyke Show" because she had failed two auditions earlier that week, Reiner said. From toMoore girls swim team nude Moore, the stay-at-home mom to Richie and wife to Rob [Van Dyke], who was head writer for a fictional television variety show called "The Alan Brady Show.

They were a couple from the moment they kissed in the main title. Although Moore had never done comedy before, Reiner said the young actress held her own--even coining her own catchphrase, "Oh Rob!

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Off set, Reiner was a mentor and friend to Moore, who endured several personal tragedies over the years, including a divorce, miscarriage show a diabetes diagnosis van the age of I had three children who had a great mother figure and so I knew about what dick need when they come to you for anything.

Reiner said Moore leaves behind a legacy for all women fighting mary equal rights. He said, "She dyke the first single, tyler woman who set the template for all women to aspire to and a lot of women not only aspired, but accomplished that.

So, the tip of the hat to her.